YEA Campers Attend People’s Climate March! An Interview With YEA Camper Joyce

Joyce and her mom, on the way to the march.

Joyce and her mom, on the way to the march.

This Sunday’s People’s Climate March,  held in New York City with actions across the globe in solidarity,  was the largest rally in the history of the movement to address climate change. We were thrilled that YEA staff and campers (many of whom first learned about it from another camper at camp this summer) were able to attend!

We interviewed one camper, 14 year old Joyce Frink from New Jersey, about her experience.

What inspired you to come to the march?

The adults who are trying to make a change now won’t be here forever. Soon, it’s going to be our responsibility to stand up and take action against the problems we’re facing. So instead of saying “I can’t do anything because I’m young,” why not share your opinion and make a difference, because you’re never too young. We’re going to be adults soon and we’ll have to live on this Earth. We should make it a safe and beautiful place for everyone. That’s what inspired me. I also wanted to meet up with my YEA Camp buddies!!


“Young People Deserve A Bright Future! YEA Camp 4 The Climate”

What was it like to be at the march?

It was absolutely amazing! From the start, on the train on the way to the march, the enthusiasm was amazing. People were singing, passing around petitions they made, and so much more. I got soooo pumped!

At the rally I had the opportunity to meet very awesome and world changing people, who told me why they were so passionate about bringing attention to climate change. The most amazing part that stood out to me, was that there were tons of other young people, who wanted to take part in making history. I met this six year old girl who was holding up her signs and chanting. She was absolutely adorable!! Meeting her made me so happy that I went. The atmosphere was great and I’m grateful I could participate in this world changing event.


From left to right: Liam, Pierce, Joyce, and Leah

How was it reuniting with and marching with YEA campers and staff?

There are no words to describe how spectacular it was to see them again. We talked about recent activism we’d done and new life choices we made. For instance, Icy eating less meat and me going veg!

Is there anything from the march you think you’ll take away for your future activism?

I think one thing I’ll take away, is that coming together with others who really care, is the best way to get things done. “To change everything, we need everyone.”

What other activism do you do and what are some of your plans for the future?

My biggest plan for the future right now would be getting the note card activity [we do at YEA Camp] for bullying implemented in my school. I’m working on getting it started in a school club I’m in called W.H.Y (We Help You). Then, I want to get it into all the classrooms, once a month.

YEA cameprs Leah and Liam!

YEA cameprs Leah and Liam!

How do you feel YEA Camp has helped you in your activism?

I feel that YEA Camp has helped me in my activism by teaching me ways to make a difference. Before YEA Camp, I wanted to be involved with activism and help out, but I truly didn’t know where to start or what exactly to do. Going to YEA Camp taught me many things. How to leaflet, how to table, start a club, campaign, and even more. Today I now know how to, and even have put my skills to use! If it wasn’t for these skills, I never would’ve attempted the things that I’ve done recently.

We are so proud of Joyce and our other campers and staff for attending this rally and for the countless other things they are doing to make our world a better place.

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Life-changing, inspiring, restoring our faith in humanity … How to describe an epic YEA Camp summer?!

Each year of YEA Camp — and this is our SIXTH, OMG! — feels like the best. Maybe that’s because it’s closest in our memory, but it’s probably because the camp just gets better and better every year… which we didn’t actually think was possible!!

It’s tough to describe 3 epic life-changing, world-changing weeks in 1 blog post that won’t take you all day to read, so we’ll include our top 10 highlights below. (They are in no order, because that would just be too hard.)

10347564_10153055801904698_2752613112238248969_n1. Our campers developed super close friendships very fast. And not superficial ones either. From the first night, when campers introduce themselves by sharing a meaningful object and why they wanted to come to camp (like “I feel so passionate about so many causes but I don’t know what to do to help”), campers (and staff!) got to know what really matters to everyone there. By the end of the week, we were sharing our deepest fears and frustrations about the state of the world, as well as our biggest plans to make a difference.

2. Campers recognized the value and beauty of releasing and sharing their emotions — even the sad ones. In YEA Camp’s workshop on bullying, campers recognize that all of us have been bullied and, surprisingly, been bullies too, in one way or another.

From our Bullying workshop: Hurt people hurt people.

From our Bullying workshop: Hurt people hurt people.

In developing compassion for one another and realizing none of us are alone in our struggles, campers got present to their own unique awesomeness! We all need to nurture our own positive self image and not get our self worth from anyone else.

3. Campers learned about institutionalized issues in our society that make bringing about change so hard — you gotta know what you’re dealing with — and then looked at what to do about them.

Chair Power - what do you think it symbolizes?

Chair Power – what do you think it symbolizes?

We examined institutionalized racism (Ferguson, MO, came soon after); how media-crafted gender norms limit our self expression; where “stuff” comes from, why we buy so much of it, and where it goes when we throw it “away” (where is that, by the way?); how different social justice issues are interconnected; how 94% of politicians who outspend their opponents win and why that’s cause for concern; and how chairs can symbolize the power dynamics affecting most social issues.

Leafleting practice!

Leafleting practice!

4. Campers learned really valuable activist skills, like how to leaflet and table effectively, how to start and run a successful school club, how to manage your time well and evaluate if something is a good use of your activist time, and how to communicate effectively about your issue – including when it’s not worth trying to convince someone who completely disagrees with you, and how to handle those conversations when you have them. We studied one of the masters of this, Ellen DeGeneres. What do you see she did well in this interview?

Just some of our amazing returning staff!

Just some of our amazing returning staff!

5. This year, we had more returning staff than ever  before – meaning we benefited from great continuity and experience from our already extremely accomplished staff – while at the same time having great new fresh faces and ideas. You won’t find a better group of role models for teenagers who want to make our world a better place.

6. Our Changemaker Olympics was more epic than ever before!

Tammy is normally really nice! She's a great actress. :)

Tammy is normally really nice! She’s a great actress. :)

Representing countries such as MakeaDifferencia, Activista, Changemakerburg, and Ecotopia, campers put their week’s learnings to the test against such challenges as trying to convince their mean science teacher to switch to computer-simulated dissection, their principal to adopt a new approach to addressing bullying, and their cafeteria director to offer vegan options. Our staff are all so nice! But they also got into character being a little bit mean to provide good practice for campers in what can sometimes be real life obstacles trying to advance a cause with decision makers who aren’t supportive.

Each person had their own unique interpretation of our poems!

Each person had their own unique interpretation of our poems!

7. People got out of their comfort zone! From going on a solo hike in the woods to reciting a ridiculous poem in front of everyone, sharing about meaningful experiences, and dancing at the dance party (even if that can feel really awkward!), campers stepped up to challenge themselves. Before reciting the poem, we loved that one camper said, “I’m only doing this for the animals! If I can get myself to do this, who knows what else I can do?!”

  1. We had so much fun! 10606457_10153154392534698_9081879277542497900_nWe made music and art, we played ridiculous games, we ate amazing food (OMG, the desserts!), we went exploring on beautiful hikes, and on Camper Choice Night we had such epic dance parties!! (Check out “all the single ladies” to the right!)
Apparently a group selfie is called an "usie!"

Apparently a group selfie is called an “usie!”

And we set a record for number of selfies (or “usies”! ever taken at YEA Camp!

  1. Our campers have already done so much activism in the short amount of time since camp ended! Campers have gone leafleting, rallied at the State Capitol, met with school administrators to discuss curriculum changes, launched social media campaigns, had their first school club meeting, and so much more!
    Three of our campers rallying at the Michigan State Capitol to speak up for wolves.

    Three of our campers rallying at the Michigan State Capitol to speak up for wolves.

    Check out these great news articles featuring some of our amazing campers – protesting SeaWorld, advocating for wolves, and speaking up for farmed animals!

10. Our campers described camp as “the best experience of my life” and said “whereas before I didn’t know how to make a difference, now I know there is so much I can do, and not to give up.”

Each month we ask our campers to share with us the ways YEA Camp has helped them in their activism. If it has, we ask them to finish the sentence “If not for YEA Camp…”



Campers’ responses included Samantha who said, “If not for YEA camp, I wouldn’t have had any confidence to do what I am doing,” Liam who said, “If not for YEA Camp, I wouldn’t be able to achieve my goals as an activist,” and Sage who said “If not for YEA camp I would have given up the first time someone said ‘no’ to my activism plan.”

We love making a difference for our campers so they can make a bigger difference in the world!

10421153_10153066909384698_2203082768185614677_n (2)Thank you so much to all of you who helped make YEA Camp not only possible but so amazing! (We’ll be having a blog post devoted to you soon, so check back!)

We have big plans for 2015, but for now we’re celebrating a fabulous 2014 and send all of our campers, families, staff, and supporters lots of love and gratitude!

Team YEA Camp


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YEA Camp is Hiring Summer Camp Staff!

camp counselors at YEAWant an opportunity to work with an incredible team of youth and adults to bring about a more peaceful, compassionate world? YEA Camp is hiring for summer camp jobs at each of our camp sessions, in CA, OR, and  MA. Interested or know someone who might be?

Our staff have told us that working at YEA Camp is one of the most rewarding, fulfilling, and inspiring experiences they have ever participated in! We are hiring counselors, camp chefs, and health supervisors for all three of our sessions.

For more information about the positions or to apply, check our our dates and job descriptions. We look forward to hearing from you!

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YEA Camp Spring Update!

We have a lot of big things happening at YEA Camp as we gear up for another life-changing and world-changing summer of camps!

Some updates about YEA Camp 2014:

  • YEA Camper Madison at a school event she organized to raise awareness about LGBTQ issues

    YEA Camper Madison (left) at a school event she organized to raise awareness about LGBTQ issues

    We are expanding to bigger venues in all of our locations, and yet with camp still 3 months away, our camps are a quarter of the way full. We have seen a real increase in awareness and interest in our program across the country this year and appreciate your help spreading the word!

  • We are excited to be creating some powerful new curriculum for our post-camp mentorship program to provide added support to campers throughout the year and to help them take more strategic action.
  • ana scholarship

    Ana, a future YEA Camper!

    Thanks to the generous support of donors like you, we have already offered scholarships to several outstanding campers like Ana (left), who are so excited to be coming to YEA Camp! Ana had this to say about YEA:

“I am very active in the activist community in San Diego, but would like to find teens with similar ideologies as me. I want to learn how to successfully campaign and convey my knowledge of issues that I am passionate about to others. From extensive research on YEA Camp, I believe that it was created with teens like me in mind.” -Ana, age 14, San Diego

Ana is right! YEA Camp was created with teens like Ana in mind, and we are so greatful to our donors that we can offer amazing young people like her a chance to attend our life-changing program. We will continue our commitment to never turn applicants away for financial reasons.

Some recent exciting developments to report:

  • We have hired a highly successful PR firm to work with us on getting some big media for our program! This means more campers, supporters, and demand for further expanding program.
  • groupWe have been accepted for a consulting project grant through the Oregon Organization Development Network! We are working with ODN’s amazing team of consultants to strengthen our strategic plans for long-term growth.
  • We have been working with a grant writer and have submitted five proposals, with more in the works, to increase funding to our program. Being awarded any of these carefully chosen grants will help us expand our efforts to reach more young people wanting to bring about change in their communities.
  • We have just hired our second paid year-round staff person! This is huge for us and we are so excited to be able to increase our capacity with more program support!

This is shaping up to be a great year for us and we are already realizing many of our goals and dreams. Our three camps in 2014 will have 100 teens and over 40 staff members. We can’t wait to get started!

If you don’t already, follow what we are up to on Facebook and in our e-newsletter. And if you know a young person who you think would be perfect for YEA Camp, please share our website with them!



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The Impact of YEA Camp

1075826_10151698880786843_1406474056_nWe are excited to share that we have recently developed a report that summarizes the outcomes and impact of YEA Camp!

For a PDF, click here to access our YEA Impact Report.

Youth Empowered Action (YEA) Camp is an overnight teen summer camp with sessions near Portland, OR, Santa Cruz, CA and Boston, MA designed to train and support teens who want to change the world.

Our focus is developing four areas we think are critical for all activists’ success: knowledge, skills, confidence, and community. We carefully design our curriculum to expose campers to different issues, teach them skills that they can use to take action, encourage and challenge them to overcome personal barriers that hold them back, and show them that they are not alone.

We tell prospective campers before they apply that while YEA Camp will be lots of fun, that’s not the point. Our mission is to make more effective activists, and we measure our success both quantitatively and qualitatively by the actions and accomplishments of our campers after camp.

Of course, we want to know if our program is achieving these goals and producing the results we are committed to, so we set out to collect and report the results of several surveys we have conducted of parents and campers.

Outcomes, according to our campers and their parents

We surveyed the parents of our campers a month after camp ended to demonstrate the power of our program.

How impactful has YEA Camp been for your child on a scale of 1-5?


More specifically, we asked parents: One month later, what differences have you seen in your child since attending YEA Camp?


Parents see the impact YEA Camp has on their kids.

“After attending camp, Tanner was very excited with renewed sense of belonging to a group of kids who had social justice commitments. Tanner has stayed in touch with his mentor and has participated in distributing handouts asking people to go meatless one day a week in front of Ventura Trader Joe’s side walk.”
– Michael, father of Tanner, age 12, California

“My 13 year old daughter Shayla has benefited significantly from her experience at YEA Camp.  Her self confidence has boosted and she has matured in the way she interacts with adults and authority figures. On the drive home from camp I asked “So, how’d it go?” She responded without hesitation “That was the best thing that ever happened to me!” Since camp she’s been much more comfortable being exactly who she is.  YEA Camp is an excellent investment.”
-Michael, father of Shayla, age 13, Massachusetts

hannah“Hannah came back from YEA Camp with a whole new outlook on things. Her after-camp action issue was to start a club at her school that dealt with animal rights. She got right on that as soon as school started and was able to start her Peace for Animals club. Hannah and her club are now working with the school to get veggie burgers on the menu…. She also uses the skills she learned at camp to help her friends get through rough times, stand up for others, and offers kids who are considered ‘different’ a shoulder to lean on and advice to help them cope, that she learned at camp.

YEA Camp is a giant hug for teens that teaches them the skills to be more confident, stand up for their beliefs, get involved and be heard!  All the years of Girl Scout Camp my daughter attended never made an impact on her life that just one week at YEA Camp did! AMAZING CAMP!!!!!!! She can’t wait to go back to YEA Camp this summer!”
– Kristie, mother of Hannah, age 15, Arizona

See more parent testimonials here.

Camper Feedback on YEA Camp


YEA Camp’s purpose is to support campers in building the knowledge, skills, confidence, and community to make a difference in the world on what is important to them. How well do you feel we accomplished this for you?

97% of campers responded with a “5″ (definitely) and 3% with a “4″ (Mostly).

Campers recognize the impact YEA Camp has had on them months after attending.

1450895_10152347212339698_1073771136_n“If not for YEA Camp, I wouldn’t have taken the action to stand up and try to make a difference for others in my school rather than just going with what others did, in fear of being judged for breaking away. I feel that YEA Camp has taught me that it really is okay to be different, and it’s good to be myself. Thank you to everyone. YEA was truly a life-changing experience.”
-Angelina, 13, Massachusetts

“If not for YEA Camp, I wouldn’t have had the confidence to start a club and talk about issues that are close to my heart.”
-Mai, 14, Oregon

“After camp, I became a member and VP of my school’s sole environmental club, Grizzly Green Team. This past week I worked at Club Rush for the club and we got over 40 people to sign up. Most of the members are not really into the environmentalism thing, so I’m looking forward to teaching and educating members on the things I learned at YEA Camp. I also signed up for our school’s GSA Club.”
-Ethan, 17, California

“If not for YEA Camp, I wouldn’t have been kind enough to myself to prepare for the actions I need to take this year.”
-Kami, 14, Oregon

“Before YEA Camp I had really lost my passion for my issue and was distracted with so many other things. After YEA Camp, I found my love and passion again.”
-Katlyn, 17, Oregon

“If not for YEA Camp, I wouldn’t have even thought about being a passionate vegan or learning more about helping the planet and our society. I am so grateful to yea camp for giving me more confidence and the will to try.”
-Devon, 15, California

“I started an online business, Bright and Courageous Arts, to sell duct tape items and donate all of the money to charity. Rylee and I had a pretty successful first month of our Etsy shop. We sold a few things and raised over $100 for Mercy For Animals. If it weren’t for YEA Camp, our online shop wouldn’t have been possible and I wouldn’t have met Rylee [her business partner].”
-Phoebe, 13, California

“If it weren’t for YEA Camp, I wouldn’t have the motivation, skills, or confidence I have now to do my activism and change the world. I wouldn’t have the knowledg1157635_10202276416857652_271638635_ne I have now, and I wouldn’t have done the things I have done to make this Earth better, and I wouldn’t have the goals I have now.”
-Olivia, 12, Oregon

“My biggest accomplishment recently has been working on starting up my Interact Club. I have been planning big things, including soup kitchen visits, sponsoring families for Thanksgiving/Christmas, a human trafficking awareness and fundraising week, and a clean water project. If not for YEA Camp, I wouldn’t have been as confident as I am now (about my IOI, my beliefs, and just in general) and been so proactive with setting up my Interact Club.”
-Gina, 17, Massachusetts

“YEA Camp has officially changed my activism life and my social life. I have more confidence, I am way more outgoing and it has given me a better/different view on the well-being of other people in society and on my issue of importance. I wish YEA Camp could last forever, but I realized by leaving I was being helped to find a new perspective and a new way of expressing who I was. YEA Camp changed my life (in a good way) and I hope they will continue to change lives and help the world grow.”
-Tanner, 12, California

“No one has ever been there for me like the people at YEA Camp have. Before camp, I never wanted to do anything in front of anyone. But at camp I knew I could be myself, and people would be kind and be my friend anyway. Now whenever someone criticizes me for doing activist work, I always have a smart thing to say back. And I’m not afraid anymore.”
-Alanna, 12, Massachusetts

See more camper testimonials here.

Actions Speak Louder Than Words

1001747_10152222781279698_851496915_nYEA Camp exists to make a difference in the world, and so ultimately the measure of our success is what our campers do once camp ends.

Many campers report having “life-changing” experiences at YEA Camp, such as realizing for the first time that they are not alone, that they actually have the ability to make an impact, and that negative beliefs they had about themselves are not true or no longer need to hold them back. In many ways these epiphanies result in unquantifiable impacts in the long term.

Here are just a few of the impressive short-term accomplishments of our campers in the first few months after YEA Camp. Most tell us that they would not be doing these things if not for attending.

After YEA Camp, our campers…

  • Educate Others

-Tegan, 16, from Oregon, organized a schoolwide assembly, bringing in an expert guest speaker and giving a speech herself in front of her whole school to raise awareness about the issue of human trafficking.

-Tanner, 12, from southern California, brought leaflets with him about animal cruelty when he went trick-or-treating with friends and gave one to each home he visited.

-Griffin and Bernie, both 15, who met at the Oregon camp, couldn’t find a leaflet about the environmental topic that they care most about, so they made one together to start handing out.

  • Raise Funds

-Deborah, 14 from Oregon, was such a dedicated Planned Parenthood volunteer that she was given the opportunity to be one of the keynote speakers at the organization’s annual Portland fundraising event, where she spoke passionately about women’s rights in front of over 900 people.

-Phoebe and Riley, both 13, who met at the Oregon camp, started an online Etsy store called Bright and Courageous Arts, selling their duct tape wallets and hand-made jewelry. Each month, they donate the proceeds from that month to a different nonprofit organization!

-Vivian, 15, from California, has applied her love for baking with her commitment to human rights, selling her popular homemade cookies every day at school and raising over $2000 for an organization working to end human trafficking worldwide.

  • Change Policies

431083_10151358232664698_598632532_n-Oliver, 15, from New Jersey, was told by school administrators that he and other transgendered students couldn’t use the bathroom of their identified gender. Just weeks after YEA Camp, Oliver contacted his state assemblyman and influenced him to introduce Bill A2224, which would allow students throughout the state to use school facilities that correspond to their gender identity.

-Owen, 16 from rural Illinois, worked through much bureaucracy to change the minimum age to volunteer at her community’s animal shelter from 18 to 16, enabling her and others to walk, foster, and help homeless animals get adopted.

-Brian, 16, from California, persuaded his school cafeteria to implement Meatless Mondays.

  • Impact Their Communities

-Ariel, 16, from Ontario, hosted the Great Canadian Shoreline Clean Up in her area, where her group picked up litter over 1/2 a kilometer of shoreline. She and her sister alone picked up 48 lbs of garbage and 1010 cigarette butts!

-Emily, 13, from northern California, persuaded her middle school administration and PTA to implement YEA Camp’s curriulum about bullying. Once a month, every homeroom class does an activity we do at camp to generate a dialogue about the expierience of being bullied and being a bully.

-Thirteen-year-old Elisha from Washington worked with her school administration to implement composting at her school and is currently working to make this district-wide.

  • Start School Clubs

1452336_10152382693989698_762022819_n(1)-Before camp, Lacey, 17, from Sacramento, had been involved in a variety of school clubs, but noticed that many students weren’t engaged. After camp, she decided to start a YEA club at her school to educate and inspire students to make a difference on the issues they care about.

-Shelby, 17, from LA, is part of a strong Gay-Straight Alliance (GSA) at her school and knew that other schools would benefit from a powerful GSA presence on their campuses too. After YEA Camp, Shelby reached out to other GSAs around the Los Angeles area, and has been acting as a mentor to schools with newly forming GSAs.

To learn more about YEA Camp, including to register, donate, or to apply to work with us this summer, please visit

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Support YEA Camp’s GlobalGiving Campaign!

Announcing the launch of our GlobalGiving campaign!

We are excited to announce that we were selected to participate in a fundraising challenge through the GlobalGiving Campaign, a prestigious crowd-sourcing website. The minimum challenge is to raise $10,000 between November 25th and December 1st from a minimum of 40 individual donors.

If we meet the challenge, we not only provide funding for our program for 2014, but also secure ourselves a permanent spot on the GlobalGiving site. Global Giving provides fundraising trainings, resources, matching gifts and grants to the organizations on the site, and it would be a major boost for us to be a permanent organization on the site! There are bonus prizes for the organizations who raise the most money and who have the most individual donors, so we’re going for that too!

How do I help?

1. Make a donation. Smaller gifts help us more toward our 40 donor total; larger gifts help us more toward the $10,000 total! It all adds up! And the more we get, the closer we get to the bonus prizes! All donations are tax-deductible.

2. Share with your friends, family and contacts who would support the life-changing work we do. This will just take a minute, and each person who learns about our program can become a supporter, volunteer, or even a future camper. To share our campaign on Facebook, just go to our campaign page and click “share” or “tweet”!

3. Share with your friends in an email and ask them to support the work we do! Please see here for a sample email you can send your contacts!

Your support helps make it possible for us to continue to train hundreds of teenagers to make a difference in the world.

Thank you so much for all you do!
-The YEA Team

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Greening Up the Holidays

The holidays are a time of family, fun and friends. It is also “the season of giving.” Every session of YEA Camp, we show The Story of Stuff, which shows where “stuff” comes from and goes, and why we tend to want so much of it! This is especially an issue during the holiday season, but this holiday can be a time of reducing our carbon footprint! Here are some fun ways to reduce, recycle and reuse this holiday season.


Did someone give you a present that Imagesomeone else would love but you just don’t? Maybe you got a sweater you will never wear? RE-GIFT IT! At your holiday party or Thanksgiving dinner ask your friends and family to bring gifts that are in like-new condition to exchange. You can trade your sweater for some someone’s brand new, but unneeded, earrings and re-gift them to your earring-loving sister!


If you feel like you’d rather support charities than get more items you probably don’t need, there are many websites dedicated to helping people find charities to support and requesting donations instead of gifts from family members. Check out,, and others!


Wrapping paper and ribbon simply get thrown away each year but fabric can be used for years to come! You can wrap a present in a beautiful scarf or use a “fat quarter” from your local fabric store. The pre-cut squares of fabric only cost a couple dollars and there are hundreds of fabrics to choose from! Or use paper bags instead of wrapping paper and use a piece of lace as an accent. You can even make your own snowflakes instead of lace! Remember those?  Simply tie them on with a piece of reusable fabric ribbon just like you would would with a disposable ribbon.  Just remember to take the fabric and trimmings back while your gift receiver is enthralled with your amazing gift and reuse them next year!


Many families are finding that making their own menorah is a fun way to get their kids engaged at Chanukah. And you can make a new one each year without spending a lot or buying brand new items. Even Martha Stewart and Oprah have come up with unique ways to make menorahs. Here are a couple of my favorites as well as some that will make you laugh for sure.


If you have lots of glitter in your crafting cabinet try this idea by Martha Stewart. (Click photo for directions.)


If you have little ones, you might like this idea. (Click photo for link.)


If you like using natural items on your table, you might like this idea using apples from Oprah.


For those of you who like a challenge check out this idea using corrugated cardboard. (Click photo for instructions).

And for some that will make you laugh check out 25 Hilariously Wrong Menorahs from The Huffington Post online.

Do you have an idea to “Green up the Holidays?” If so, post it on our Facebook or post a pic on our Instagram.

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