YEA Announces Launch of New Grant Program for All Campers!

Youth Empowered Action Camp is thrilled to announce the launch of a new kickstarter grant program to help fund inspiring camper projects to make a difference in their community.

YEA Camp is a week-long summer camp for youth 12-17 who are passionate about activism and social change, and by the end of the session every camper creates an action plan for how they will address a social issue of importance to them. This summer, thanks to the committed support of a very generous donor, each and every camper will have the opportunity to apply for and receive a micro grant of $100 toward their efforts. In addition, one camper at each of YEA’s four sessions will receive a $1,000 grant for their project!

At YEA Camp, participants develop their confidence to take action on what they believe in, and they learn skills like planning a campaign, running a school club, communicating effectively, and fundraising, which they can apply to a cause they care about. When they leave, they are ready to take action and make a difference.

Take a look at some of the inspiring young leaders who attend YEA Camp – like Tegan organizing an assembly at her school to raise awareness about human trafficking,  Ramon persuading his high school to institute a recycling program and put recycle bins in every classroom, Bianca working with the school club she started to raise money for her local animal shelter, and Emily initiating an anti-bullying program at her high school. We are thrilled that YEA Campers in 2012 will have well-deserved funds to strengthen their efforts to bring about social change.

If you know any young people passionate about making the world a kinder place, let them know that YEA Camp has spots available at sessions in northern California, Oregon, and New Jersey. Visit for dates, details, and to register.

About YEA Camp

Youth Empowered Action (YEA) Camp is a summer camp for social change. Our life-changing leadership camp trains 12-17 year-olds to make a difference on a cause they care about. Since 2009, our weeklong overnight camps have helped more than 500 teens from all over the country get active in their community or school on causes like climate change, racism, LGBTQ rights, animal rights, bullying and more. Find out more and register to join us at
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