About Us

12346297_1228421993839795_5213586417371298222_nYouth Empowered Action (YEA) Camp is a summer camp for social change that trains and supports teens who want to make a difference in the world. Whether through helping animals or protecting the environment, working towards racial and gender equality or preventing bullying in schools, our campers leave inspired to go out and make changes in their communities.

Since 2009, YEA Camp has helped hundreds of teens around the country (in more than half the US states, the District of Columbia, and 5 other countries!) to do amazing things in their communities.

At our week-long overnight sessions from coast to coast, our campers build the knowledge, skills, confidence, and community to become effective activists for change on issues they care about. Campers have gone on to start school clubs, organize fundraisers, lead political rallies, change school policies, and so much more.

For more information, visit www.yeacamp.org, email us at info @ yeacamp. org, or give us a call at 415- 710- 7351.


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  1. doug kreitzer says:

    where in CA is this?

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